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Written just now by Orochi Herman

I have somewhat returned, only to find that my last post about where my characters are uploaded has not been commited! (It was mistaken for spam in the BBS). Well that should not be of any matter now.

For now, you can pick up most of my characters in this link.

My folder where the other characters are uploaded has permission errors, so I'll need to sort that out first.

I'll be back.

Written ages ago by Orochi Herman

ROTBRC will now be getting an aesthetical upgrade, after over 10 years. It's sad to see Sayuri go, but with her departure, a new hope for the website is born.

Now being mostly run by me alone, I've taken the liberty to revamp the whole site and make it script-driven so that updates and content management won't be a big nightmare anymore like it once was.

The demise of MGBR has forced my hand to learn the retarded ways of CSS, which turned out to be fun in the end. More importantly, it seems I will need to fasttrack the G2 transition of my characters.

But wait, you may be asking. What the hell is a G2 version? Well, it's a major revision of a character here to the point that everything in that character is rebuilt from the ground up. Meaning sprites were re-ripped, recolored, character's moves are reprogrammed, vairables cleaned up, and codings tweaked and optimized. And yes, let's not forget the AI too.

Now being hosted by XCB under PIIYM Network, I'm looking forward for more fun MUGEN times ahead. More reasons to revel; ADXs will finally be making their comebacks, though I will be still looking for a bulk hoster of the files.

ROTBRC G2 will be relaunched sometime next month. And this time, expect something exciting for the anniversary of the opening of ROTBRC in the month of August.