An offer of gratitude to people that gave a helping hand.

I would like to thank the following people:
Mattasaur (For designing the site and putting up with my Perl n00biness, learned to get around 'em ever since)
VK (Excellent critic, friend and advisor for MUGEN-related stuff. Especially helped out with my characters like Shadow Dio and Setsuna.)
Elecbyte (For MUGEN)
CAPCOM, SNK and the other gaming companies (For the obvious!)
DeLeTeBR (For the former hosting in MGBR that lasted for more than a decade, a lot for any website.)
Dark Roken (For hosting in blargh-net and in rokcorp before.)
The Necromancer (Advices, help and also hosting)
K3nShin (For QuickEdit)
Mikage/Arche (For his communication despite the obvious barriers)
y.y (For teaching me how to rip in JoJo PSX, using CEP, also for his JoJo characters.)
Warusaki3 (For sharing to me his various resources)
Nauko Oblivion (The special girl in my life, aspiring MUGEN creator and pRO addict.)
PIIYM, XCB (For hosting, the fun times, and a lot more.)
Kung Fu Man (Critic, friend and advisor. I can't thank him enough for many things.)
Reu(†) (Good friend, advisor, and his characters)

To be continued as a lot of people are still on my mind and I need to finish the website. >:P