Welcome to the POLYGLOID website. We both cater to VOCALOID and UTAU, in aiming to promote their usage, promote multilingualism in their usage, and to raise awareness about these programs.


The Phonetics page has a major update, and we're talking about a really big one. Plenty of new IPA-related entries, and many phonemes that only IPA has taken into account, and now with tested Vocaloid equivalents. Go on, give it a try!

The Phonetics page has been updated yet again, adding all Katakana and Hiragana equivalents! The thing is getting rather big, so I'm considering putting them all in a searchable database. How does that sound?

The Phonetics page has been updated again, taking user feedback into account. We hope that it will be of great help to you!

The Phoneitcs page is now completed in detail. We apologize for the lack of updates, it has been due to the preparation needed to launch the POLYGLOID-UG system. We promise that it will be something worth looking at!

Resolved UTF issues and many mistakes, and added new syllable samples.
Updated UTF coding of the page, and adjusted some internal HTML settings.
Minor updates to Riza's pages, mainly clarifications.

Phonetics page now have IPA symbols added. But these symbols may not appear correctly for all browsers. This is currently being looked upon.

Again, the phonetics page sees a massive update, complete with pronunciation keys.

The List of Phonetics page (from Riza's page) is updated. Other content is being finalized and will go live shortly.

We hope that the list will be of great help to you.

We apologize for the recent lack of updates. Some content is being tested for feasibility and we wanted to make sure these are correctly verified and can be published. To make up for these, many pages previously unavailable will now be available.

The following pages have been updated:

VOCALOID - Additions and more explanations.
SOTONE RIZA Page - Aesthetics, and introduced one new page.

Page content is continuously being added and updated, so keep checking back often. A message board is strongly being considered for addition. VOCALOID usage techniques will be added in the coming days, and of course, usage tutorials. it will be built in a concise and simple manner, to make it easy for a beginner to understand.

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